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Welcome to your provider for


Technical Planning and Documentation

electrotechnical, control technical and technological documentation of complete systems. We use different planning and documentation programs including AutoCAD, ELCAD, ePlan and Aucoplan.


Administrative Tasks

The uniform data platform Comos provides a complete flow of information with project relevant data for system planners, system operators and system constructors.


Fire Protection Documentation

We create evacuation- and rescue plans for commercially used compounds and public buildings.

Ingenieurbüro Thielert exists in Berlin since 1992

We possess long-time experience in Germany and abroad in the categories: energy-, water- and
sewage business, measurement- and control technology, planning and documentation.
Power plant technology is our primary field of activity.
We are partner for Comos PT and an ePlan-certified business.

Ingenieurbüro Thielert

Brandensteinweg 6 13595 Berlin
Tel.: +49(0)30 - 30 12 41 14
Fax: +49(0)30 - 30 12 41 16
EMail: info@ib-tt.de
Web: ib-tt.de